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Wednesday 21 November 2018

08:30 - 10:30

Chalis Property Networking with NatWest.

Chalis Property Networking with NatWest.
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Tina Walsh is a power house in the world of sourcing property. Originally in the Police Force, Tina’s sourcing journey started by delving into all the legislation around finding properties for other people before she went out and promoted how she could find investors properties. When going through a property investing education, we are often told to “sell on our unwanted deals” but how do you know who you are dealing with and will they deliver? Join us to hear Tina’s top tips to find the right people to work with.
Come join us for breakfast, meet property experts and the power teams behind them to help get your questions answered and tap into the support network. It’s more fun when you share.


  • Type: Keynote
  • Category: Networking, Warrington, and Property
  • Sector: Property