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Tuesday 27 November 2018

10:00 - 12:30

LinkedIn - Workshop

LinkedIn - Workshop
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This training session is aimed at people who have a basic LinkedIn profile and want to start using the platform to generate more business.
It’s going to be a hands-on workshop, so you’ll need your laptop as we’re going to make improvements as we go along.
LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for Business to Business networking, it is not somewhere to put your CV and hope someone stumbles across it.
Quite the opposite, it’s a fantastic platform that can help you gain access to that business you’ve always wanted to work with without any cold calling and generate regular enquiries.
This workshop will focus on refreshing your profile to attract your target customers and identify how to connect with people you want to do business with.
The main points that will be covered are:
- An overview of how LinkedIn works for lead generation
- How to define your target audience
- Reviewing your profile to attract your ideal client
- Settings / Tools to target your ideal client and increase your visibility
- The type of content to post to maximise engagement in line with the current algorithms
- How to evaluate your activity to ensure it’s working

By the end of the session, you will have an updated profile that will appeal to your ideal client, a clear understanding of how to find and connect with your target audience and what type of content will give you the most engagement.
The cost of this workshop is £75 per person and is limited to 8 people.


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