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More an unconvention, Open House is the first after work conference curated by Carpe Diem to celebrate the opening of their digital co-working space, Opus, in Warrington’s Pyramid Arts Centre.

Learn how to beat Lex Luthor using only Kanban, how to spot a psychopath in social media posts and explore a world of creativity while building Lego.

Not your usual tech event.

While you might want to be digiliterate; do you know where to begin, what the fourth revolution has done for you or just wonder what the heck the fourth revolution is? Join us to discover what binary can teach analogue and vice versa.

Specifically geared to director, board level and entrepreneurial delegates from enterprise scale to tech start-ups; anyone with a desire to innovate or disrupt through digital - across sales, marketing or operations - should leave surprised and inspired.

And since it’s free, why not make a trip into town at the end of your working day (your Opus Diem).

If you’d like to know more about Opus you can book a show round slot with your tickets.

Doors open for the Open House event at 5pm (with sustenance provided).

And the ‘show’ begins at 6pm promptly :)


  • Category: Business Development, Social, IT / Digital, Marketing/PR, Networking, and Warrington
  • Sector: IT, Marketing, PR and Ad, and Research and Development