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Monday 21 September 2020
by Jackie Emson

Aaron & Partners Autumn Employment Law Masterclasses

Aimed at Business Owners, Managing Directors and Director Level HR Professionals, the Aaron & Partners Employment Law Masterclasses will leave delegates with an up to date and in-depth understanding of key areas of Employment Law, and the confidence to guide their employees the confidence to address sometimes complex/difficult situations within the workplace that could lead to grievances or even claims if not handled correctly. 

The Masterclasses will run over 3.5 hours, and will be delivered virtually via Zoom to intimate, small groups of peers, allowing one on one time with the presenters and opportunity for idea-sharing within the group each session. No more than 8 per session.

  Timings: 3 ½ hours Starting at 09.15 and finishing at 12.45, to include a mix of training sessions and opportunities to share / discuss / network 

Timings broadly as follows (for info only not for publication):

9.15-9.45 Registration and introductions 

9.45-10.45 Session 1

10.45-11.15 Break / chat over session 1 content

11.15-12.15 Session 2

12-15 – 1245 Summary discussions and close 

Delegates can stay on longer if they wish to (sharing and collaboration time is important) 

Price set at £149 per individual delegate place or £599 (Plus Vat) for booking on 5 or more. Reduced rates available for multiple delegate places.

Proposed dates: 

Wed 30 September

Wed 21 October

Wed 18 November

Wed 16 December

Wed 13 January

Masterclass topics – Autumn series 2020

Masterclass 1. Grievances - Handling Informal and formal grievances through Covid and the aftermath.  

2020 has been a tumultuous year bringing many new challenges to employers. In this Masterclass, learn more about the new 2020 grievances, such as what to do when furlough ends and employees still don’t want to return to the workplace. The masterclass will also cover topics including:

• How to manage disengaged employees and the impact on others.....

• Timeframes and process requirements and the ACAS code and guide

• Investigation – the role of the investigator, establishing the allegations and the facts, collating evidence

• Witnesses – consent requirements, confidentiality and the anonymous witness

• Meetings and common issues arising

• The detail required in an outcome

• How to reduce the likelihood and scope of appeals

• The importance of resolution and review 

Masterclass 2. Handling redundancies  

Covering key legal principles, with a top line overview of fair process requirements and Equality Act 2010 obligations. This session will take you through the procedure from beginning to end, and leave you with top tips for an effective process, including

• Conducting meaningful consultation meetings and feedback

• Fair selection

• The importance of minuting and noting

• How to confirm outcomes and when notice starts to run

• Potential risks: grievances, claims and complaints

• Dealing with unexpected disclosures

• Learning how to manage tricky situations and questions 

Masterclass 3. Varying Employment Contract Terms and Conditions

Learn about legal changes to contract t’s & c’s that have been implemented in 2020 and the need to update contracts and offer letters with essential contract terms most contracts are missing, including lay off and short time working

• the legal framework

• timeframes and process requirements -changing sick pay schemes

• PRP and bonuses - the limits of discretion

• seeking voluntary agreement

• collective consultation and the legal framework

• Working effectively with representatives -individual consultation

• Notice requirements 

Masterclass 4. Managing Sickness absence in a post-COVID world 

This masterclass will cover the subjects of managing sickness and Mental Health in the workplace and the impact of COVID on employees both physically and mentally.

• How to fulfil you duty of care as an employer

• Best practice recommendations and emerging trends

• The legal framework

• The relevant Equality Act 2010 obligations

• Reasonable adjustments

• Key manager responsibilities and strengthening manager capability in promoting good mental health and healthy culture

• Appropriate conversations – do’s and don’ts

• Short term and long term absence management – process requirements for a fair capability procedure and the ACAS code.

• Latest case law 

Masterclass 5. Family 

Clear understanding of parental rights in the work place will help to navigate potential risks and avoid claims and discrimination issues. Learn about key family-related rights including:

• Lastest case law and forthcoming changes

• The different rights to time off and pay including the new parental bereavement leave rights

• When an employer can refuse an employee’s notice to take family related leave

• Process obligations

• Protections – redundancy

• Explore current Covid Related issues and parental rights such as dealing with:

• Homeworking and flexible working requests

• School closures/self isolation through NHS Track and Trace (England) and Trace, Test and Protect (Wales)

Masterclass 6. Mediation,

Understand what mediation is and when/why to choose to mediate. Learn what makes a qualified mediator, what they do and how using a Mediator can benefit your business, workforce and cashflow through difficult times by helping to prevent ongoing grievances and claims. The seminar will cover:

• Workplace mediation

• The process of mediation

• The importance of independence

• Resolution 

Business Mentoring and Coaching: an additional option.

From Boardroom to Workplace ...What’s the value of a mentor and coach to the business. How does this work and how can it add value to businesses of all sizes coming through COVID and ensuring growth and development for 2021 and beyond.

Helen Watson is a member of the Chartered Institute of Directors and fully trained in business mentoring and coaching. Please let us know if you’d like to add a 30 minute taster personal mentoring session to your programme.