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Wednesday 29 July 2020
by Angela Hankey

Food Glorious Food!

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Fresh-Beginnings from Warrington have secured funding from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund distributed by the National Lottery Community fund to support Warrington Food Bank.

Fresh-Beginnings will be supplying recipe cards and leaflets to encourage simple cooking skills and will include nutrition information. Clients will be able to make meals with the food products in the packs and be given tips on how to cook on a low income.

The recipe cards and leaflets will display links to accessible videos on YouTube showing how to cook the recipes step by step, along with other ideas and tips of how they can improve their skills in the kitchen and to help them provide more healthy and varied meals.

Weekly zoom sessions will be available hosted by Fresh-Beginnings to discuss any of the information in the leaflets, including the recipe links.

Barbara Freeman from Fresh-Beginnings said that receiving the email with the heading ‘We are going to fund your project’ was simply the best feeling and cannot wait to get started.