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Monday 23 March 2020
by Jackie Emson

Immediate Availability of Funds to Charities in the Warrington Area in Response to Covid -19

Cheshire Community Foundation would like to make charities aware of the availability of funds in the area. Their aim is to make this funding readily available so that charities can act quickly to support those in need. 


•            Their Warrington Older People Fund will now accept applications from charities of up to £2000 to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people affected by covid-19.  They have allocated a total of £50,000 to support this age group (older in this instance is defined as anyone over the age of 50)  


•            They also have a fund for Young People in Warrington and plan to make available  £15,000 of this fund, to support young people’s projects in Warrington who are affected by covid-19.  This fund does not have its own grants programme - and so applicants wishing to apply for up to £2000 who are supporting young people in Warrington, should apply via the CCF small grants programme. 


For details of all our grants programmes, go to 


For any additional information regarding making an application for funds, please email