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Monday 13 January 2020
by Jackie Emson

Lindström invest BIG in future sustainability

During 2016 Lindstrom Ltd decided to enter the U.K.  wiper rental market.  The company liked the sustainability credentials of this service and recognised that the market had suffered from years of underinvestment.   

Nearly four years later the company has invested in excess of £20m to gain a strong presence in the market. In this period, Lindstrom has introduced better customer service solutions with both new wipers and a unique range of dispensers and soiled wiper collectors, plus an exciting collection of recyclable absorbent mats.   

Furthermore, during 2017 the company signed off on a project to replace the only U.K. wiper recycling laundry with a brand-new facility in Bradford.  


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Figure 1 one of 8 new 120KG steam heated dryers   

“This was another bold decision by the company”, comments Ian Muir, “The idea is to secure our customer partnerships for decades to come with an efficient and environmentally friendly facility.  The investment has been huge, but we will end up with the only wiper laundry in the U.K. and one where our new effluent plant will ensure zero discharge  to drain.”   

Peter Jones, the U.K. Managing Director adds that, “Spending £11m on this superb facility will allow printers, engineers and automotive based businesses to access a truly sustainable solution for their wiping needs.  I am proud that all our customers and hopefully those yet to enjoy the benefits of our service, can both eliminate a waste stream and minimise their carbon footprint.”    

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Figure 2 Automatic Bin washing machine   

Jones also says that, “Of course this comes at a cost, both investment and added operating expenses, but we are confident that our customers understand this.  Actually, we have also completed a lot of work proving that the cost of our recycled wipers is still significantly less than purchasing decent disposal wipers then paying for them to be taken away as hazardous waste.  Oily rags are always hazardous waste, if they are not recycled.  Our service also brings additional benefits like convenient dispensing options and regular planned deliveries so that our customers never run out of stock.”  

All the equipment will be new and state of the art.  The effluent plant, costing over £4m, will combine microfiltration and evaporation technology.  It will be able to process 120m3 of wiper laundry effluent per day, something unique in the U.K. 

So, finally, if you want to visit this new facility after it officially opens next year, please contact the company.  They will be delighted to arrange this for you.