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Thursday 27 August 2020
by Jackie Emson

Local Social Media Expert Shortlisted For Top Award

Becs Bate, a Warrington based businesswomen, was delighted to find out that she is a finalist for the UK Social Media Awards 2020, when she returned from a camping trip with her family at the weekend.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to be recognised for all the hard work I have put into my business, Social Media Executive, since I launched it in June 2018. I’d taken two weeks off work to spend time with my family and to recharge my batteries, I couldn’t be happier coming home to this news.” said Becs.

We are living in a time where we are becoming more reliant on digital technology and social media to stay connected with each other. Having an online presence is essential and Becs’ has trained over 250 businesses across the UK to transform their social media platforms.

“I specialise in training companies how to effectively use social media to generate new business. I educate business owners and their staff about the importance of social media and how to use it as a powerful marketing tool to strengthen their brand and increase sales. I also run several workshops and courses online, my clients learn everything they need to create a social media marketing plan and gain the confidence to implement it. We also have fun along the way, with lots of networking opportunities across the workshops!”

Five years ago, Becs was managing the Greater Manchester Energy Advice Service and had spent 20 years in the public sector encouraging local businesses and communities to deploy environmental initiatives. Although her career has taken a different path, her love for community engagement remains at the heart of what she trains through her social media strategies.

In 2015, Becs took a role with Nomad Games, this is where her social media career took off. She used the same community engagement techniques across their social media platforms to increase their following from just 400 to over 20,000 in three years.

Realising that other organisations were not making the most out of social media, she made the decision two years ago to start her own company and train businesses how to use social media effectively. She’s been making a splash in Warrington ever since and is fast becoming one of the most recognised social media influencers in the region.

“When you understand how social media can work for your business, it’s a game-changer. It’s not about getting lots of followers and constantly selling, it’s about building trust and making a deep connection with your target audience. I share with my clients valuable tips on what makes great content and insights into how to get the algorithms to work in their favour.

“The most crucial thing is integrating your social media into your wider business objectives and creating a long-term strategy. I teach businesses how to transform accounts to maximise their potential – without this, a business owner’s hard work and effort could be wasted, social media is not as simple as it first seems!”

Since Social Media Executive was launched two years ago, Becs has trained over 250 local businesses, spoken at over 30 business networking events and has received just short of 100 fantastic reviews across her social media channels. It’s no wonder her business has been shortlisted for this award.

As well as her training, Becs delivers social media workshops on behalf of the Warrington and Cheshire Business Growth Hub, has been invited onto the organising team for TEDxWarrington and has secured the position of a social media delivery partner for Chester University’s business Accelerate programme.

We’ll have to wait until October to find out whether Becs gets awarded gold for the ‘Best Small Agency (10 or fewer employees)’ category. Along with other candidates, Becs’ work, values and mission will be scrutinised by 22 judges including senior social media management from organisations such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Red Bull and BooHoo.

Until then Becs will continue to make a positive difference to our business community and help companies achieve fantastic results through their social media. Head to to see how Becs can help you or follow her on social media to keep on top of all the constant changes and to learn the best tips in the industry.

Facebook: @SocialMediaExecutive

Twitter: @BecsBate

LinkedIn: Rebecca (Becs) Bate