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Thursday 27 June 2019
by Jackie Emson

Meet the Member - Chris Hodgkinson from CH Promotions

  • Name of Business   HC Promotions Ltd 
  • Who are you? - Chris Hodgkinson
  • What sets you apart from the competition? Focus is always on the guest 
  • How did the business come about? A bit of trial and error and a love of sports
  • What are your main target markets?  Sports lovers, people who like to socialise.
  • How long has your business been in existence? 3 years 
  • How many staff do you employ?
  • What job or achievement makes you most proud? Bringing the current heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson Fury, to Warrington. 
  • Where do you see the business being in five years? At the first point of call when looking for a great night out or looking for a speaker booking for your own event 
  • Why Warrington? It's where were based and its full of great people! 
  • Tell us one interesting thing about the business that might surprise us? It's not as glamorous as you think. 
  • Tell us one interesting thing about you that people might not know? (ie, hobbies, amusing fact, etc) I once facetimed Bryan Robson (ex Man Utd and England Captain) by mistake when he was in Valencia with the current Man Utd squad and I was in my scruffy hoody I'd spilt my lunch down. 
  • Brexit – good, bad, opportunity? Good, take the positives in everything 
  • Fantasy dinner party – which six people alive or dead would you invite? Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, Winston Churchill, Tommy Cooper, Paul Gascoigne and my Dad