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Thursday 04 April 2019
by Jackie Emson

Meet the Member - Jane Cooke The 1;1 Diet Consultant by Cambridge Weight Plan

Name of Business   Jane Cooke  - The 1;1 Diet Consultant by Cambridge Weight Plan 

• Who are you?   Jane Cooke 

• What sets you apart from the competition?   My technical knowledge, developed through teaching Nutrition within the prison service. Also empathy from having struggled with weight management for years! 

How did the business come about?  Having used the products, listened to my consultant and read multiple positive testimonials 

• What are your main target markets?   Anyone that is unhappy with their current weight/image and wants to achieve a healthier BMI and to maintain their new weight. Also anyone looking for another extra /alternative income stream. 

• How long has your business been in existence?  • Personally 7 months but Cambridge has been in business for over 30 years. 

• How many staff do you employ?   None currently as the opportunity is that of sole trader. I am looking to sponsor others to be consultants and work as a team. 

• What job or achievement makes you most proud?   Having been successfully self employed for over 20 years 

• Where do you see the business being in five years?   At Diamond level which is based upon gross turnover and numbers of team members that have been sponsored by me. 

• Why Warrington?   My adopted town where I have lived for over 30 years and I love it! 

• Tell us one interesting thing about the business that might surprise us?   The diet plan is capable of reversing type 2 diabetes having been tested and proven by the NHS 

• Tell us one interesting thing about you that people might not know? (ie, hobbies, amusing fact, etc)   I’ve got 8 grandchildren (from various sources) and one on the way! 

• Brexit – good, bad, opportunity?  • As I am glass half full I see Brexit as a good opportunity….. 

• Fantasy dinner party – which six people alive or dead would you invite?  

Oliver Cromwell, Winston Churchill, Elizabeth 1, Jimmy Hendrix, William the Conqueror and Hilary Mantel     

I would like to offer a £25 donation to the chosen charity of anyone who refers clients to me. This will be payable on completion of 4 weeks on plan.