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Thursday 16 May 2019
by Jackie Emson

Meet the Member - Kirsty Tinsley-Fenney from Field Fisher LLP

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  • Name of Business Field Fisher
  • Who are you?  Fieldfisher is a European law firm with market leading practices in many of the world's most dynamic sectors. We are an exciting, forward-thinking organisation with a particular focus on technology, finance & financial services, energy & natural resources, life sciences and media.
  • What sets you apart from the competition?  Our client service. Clients choose to work with us because we deliver commercial, pragmatic and innovative solutions through our exceptional legal expertise and experience, on time and on budget.  We have a broad network providing highly commercial advice based on an in-depth understanding of our clients' needs.  
  • How did the business come about?  The origins of Fieldfisher can be traced back to the founding of the law firm Field Roscoe & Co. by Edwin Wilkins Field in 1835, with an office near St Paul's Cathedral. In 1865 Theodore Waterhouse founded Waterhouse & Co. In 1897 Charles Fisher started his articles with Thomas Peacock, which later became TF Peacock Fisher. In 1969 Field Roscoe and TF Peacock Fisher merged to form Field Fisher & Co. In 1998 Field Fisher Waterhouse merged with Allison & Humphreys, a media and communications specialist. Their experience complemented Field Fisher Waterhouse’s IT and internet expertise. In 2007 Fieldfisher took its first steps into Europe and opened offices in Brussels and Hamburg.  
  • What are your main target markets?  Real Estate is our biggest sector and we are extremely keen to build on this and continue to develop our offering in the NW region and UK wide. Fieldfisher’s Manchester property department now boasts 38 members of staff and five partners. The group are led by head of Real Estate Liam Buckley and have carried out a number of high profile deals for in Manchester, the Royal College of Physicians in Liverpool and the Co-operative Group. We are also known for our technology expertise and are one of the leading privacy and data protection advisors outside London.  Other sectors where we are active include corporate, medical negligence and dispute resolution, as well as regulatory, employment, intellectual property and insolvency.  
  • How long has your business been in existence?  Although the origins can be traced back to 1835, Fieldfisher achieved LLP status in 2006. In April 2014 Fieldfisher merged with Manchester firm Heatons and this can perhaps be viewed as the start of the Fieldfisher Manchester office in existence today. The Manchester office has seen an incredible growth rate with a headcount increase of 25% in the first quarter of 2018.   
  • How many staff do you employ?  We now have 21 partners and over 140 employees at our office on Peter Street in Manchester. Globally, the firm has over 1,000 lawyers acting across 25 offices.     
  • Why Warrington?  We have a new real estate partner, Kirsty Tinsley-Fenney, in the team who lives in Warrington and has been involved in a lot of Warrington and Cheshire transactions during her career. Kirsty spent the previous four years as a partner specialising in commercial real estate at FDR Law in Warrington and is committed to remaining an active part of the thriving Warrington business community. The 21st Warrington Property Review demonstrated again the significant strength and breadth of the thriving businesses based in and around the Warrington area alongside the substantial investment in regeneration and development which we would be delighted to be involved in. The community in Warrington is extremely inclusive and the business exchange is a testament to this created with lots of hard work from Jackie and the team at Warrington and Co.
  • Tell us one interesting thing about you that people might not know? (ie, hobbies, amusing fact, etc)  I am a very keen rugby supporter having grown up in a rugby league town but that town was St Helens not Warrington and controversially, perhaps, within this group I am a massive Saints fan. My favourite game of each rugby league season is the Good Friday Saints Wigan game as there is always a great atmosphere wherever in "that neck of the woods" people choose to watch it (as my father would always comment). Whilst there is lots of rivalry between Saints and Wigan, the game is a sport that brings together fans and communities with very little hostility whatever the results. Despite being a Saints fan, over the previous four years, I would most likely have been found enjoying myself in the Platinum Lounge at Warrington and I am also keen on rugby union these days too. My favourite experience at a rugby league game was having the pleasure of being stood next to Russell Crowe and Sam Burgess watching the Sydney Rabbitohs play at the St Helens RLFC ground a few years ago. Believe it or not, I even have one or two cheesy photographs with them both to remind me of the occasion.    
  • Brexit – good, bad, opportunity?  My view on Brexit is increasingly becoming something that I prefer to avoid discussing particularly as it is very much a topic that everyone has their own specific and varied views upon, which of course should be respected, and serves only to demonstrate the complexities involved in addressing this issue. I do however believe that a vote was taken on 23 June 2016 and the implementation of the outcome of that vote alongside the provisions of the withdrawal agreement are proving to be extremely controversial. The desire to overturn the result of the referendum is of course something that I completely understand but not something that I consider this country should contemplate once a vote by our people has been taken. Whether Brexit is good or bad for this Country will remain to be seen over the years that follow and no one can predict the outcome but as with all aspects of business (and life) as doors close others will open and new opportunities will therefore arise from this situation. We are a strong nation and we can rebuild whatever strength we feel we may lose in the first few years of uncertainty following our withdrawal from the European Union. It is inevitable that there will be some uncertainty and perhaps a very cautious business approach but I do not believe that will last for more than a few years. Ultimately, my view is that we will rebuild our position as a country very quickly following the Withdrawal Agreement Bill or the date we leave the European Union without a deal and hopefully, at some point in the future we will look back and wonder why so much time was spent procrastinating about the subject of Brexit!  
  •  Fantasy dinner party – which six people alive or dead would you invite?   I am so far from a movie boffin but having had the opportunity to watch A Star is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody recently, I would absolutely have to invite Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper and Freddie Mercury. Could you imagine the flamboyant nature of the dinner party that would create and the genius music that could be made. Anyone who really knows me, knows how much I love music and more so, how much I love to sing! However, I do have to confess I have the worst voice and am literally tone-deaf. So if ever you see me in a Karaoke bar you should run a mile! In addition, I would invite my other half who of course would always be my first choice for any dinner party and would thoroughly enjoy the sound track from A Star is Born simply on repeat for the occasion. Controversially, I would also have to invite Keifer Sutherland though who I have had such a crush on since the first episode I seen him in 24 and naturally, therefore would enjoy having dinner with him. My other half knows about this crush btw so this shouldn't cause too much trouble at home. My final guest would be my father as sadly he passed away in June 2018 and I'd just love to have a natter with him! My lesson has been learned in living life to the full whilst you can, one life!   
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