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Friday 31 August 2018
by Jackie Emson

Meet the Member - Krystyna Petersen- Inspire Excellence UK Limited

Name of Business - Inspire Excellence UK Limited

Who are you? A consultancy offering services in HR, Coaching & Training. Based in Warrington.

• What sets you apart from the competition? The opportunity to have a HR Director level consultant working to support your business! Many business (particularly smaller businesses) can't afford senior expertise so this is a great way to get some senior expertise into your business in a much more affordable way. We have a great network of associates for larger projects too. I was a Hotel Manager in a former life (and have held other operational roles too) which also means I have a good understanding of business and can tailor HR solutions accordingly. I believe the quality of our work also sets us apart from the competition.

• How did the business come about? I've been doing HR over 15 years now and always in full time employment. I was looking for a new challenge and something more flexible so I could have a better work/life balance. I love HR, coaching and training so didn't want to move away from it, I just wanted to do it in a different way!

What are your main target markets? The main markets for us are: smaller businesses who need help and/or who can't afford an in house HR team as yet, SME's who perhaps have their own HR departments but need specific help/expertise with a more complicated matter, or who perhaps want coaching for their HR person (or sometimes they just want someone external to deal with a matter to keep it away from the rest of the business), or businesses that need project work (this is usually SME's to large corporates). This could be coming in to run/assist on a project/change programme or doing short term contracts. For example, I've been working with two insurance companies recently to help facilitate a merge from the HR/people side. We can work with people on a short term basis (coming in just for project work, short term contracts or just to chair formal meetings/day work) or I also have some long term clients who receive support on a day to day basis on a monthly retainer basis. There's lots more info on how we work with organisations on our website:

How long has your business been in existence? The business has been running around eight months now but I have been doing HR some fifteen + years now

How many staff do you employ? At the minute there's just me within the business itself, however I work with some trusted partners and associates to deliver larger pieces of work.

What job or achievement makes you most proud? I love being able to make a difference to a business and/or just making their life easier, it gives me great satisfaction!

• Where do you see the business being in five years? Well established, with a great reputation for the level and quality of work we provide, with some great clients on the books!

• Why Warrington? I live in the area and Warrington is a great business hub - I'm very much looking forward to getting involved with more of the activities Warrington Business Exchange organises and getting to know more of the businesses in the local area - I really do want to be an ambassador for HR in the local vicinity!

• Tell us one interesting thing about the business that might surprise us? It's actually been a long term dream of mine to have my own business - I actually had the logos done a few years ago now but could never justify making the jump (or perhaps I was too nervous to make the jump!). This year I bit the bullet and I'm absolutely loving it so far!

• Tell us one interesting thing about you that people might not know? (ie, hobbies, amusing fact, etc) I love travelling and I've been everywhere from Colombia, to Alaska, Thailand, The Gambia and so many more! I also worked on the cruise liners many years ago which helped me see many different countries and places. I adore going to new places and getting involved with the different cultures and seeing a bit of the 'real' country where I can. Next on the list are Machu Picchu, Bali.. there's still too many to mention!

Brexit – good, bad, opportunity? There's obviously pro's and cons but we made the decision to leave so I'm looking at the positives - I'd like everyone to stop bickering though and pull together now to get us the best deal possible!

Fantasy dinner party – which six people alive or dead would you invite? …..

'1 - Tony Robbins - He's a great influencer. I love anything about the brain and behaviour and have done many different courses, certifications etc to understand people's behaviour in more detail and people's triggers. Tony understands this deeply and I like the way in which he reframes things and situations to allow people to gain a different perspective on it - it's very clever..

2 - Richard Bandler - Another great influencer and the founder of NLP (which Tony Robbins also uses a lot of in his work). I've seen Richard live on a number of occasions (working with Paul McKenna as well) and it's been fascinating to watch. A very sharp and clever guy!

3 - Dalai Lama or Rumi - someone really spiritual. I have a spiritual side and it would be amazing to meet and listen to someone like this - they always have such a soothing, peaceful way of talking!

4 - Ant Middleton - SAS guy. I've enjoyed watching the different programmes he's done, from the SAS ones to Mutiny on the Bounty. He's had a very interesting life and I'd love to listen to some stories!

5 - Bob Marley - I love his music and have had many a evening, dinner etc listening and bobbing along to his music over the years - particularly when on holidays!

6 - Karren Brady - She's a strong woman that's done really well for herself and I'd love to pick her brain for tips and listen to her stories. I'd also have some Spanish music in the background as I love my latino sounds - I just couldn't think of one person that epitomised the whole of latin music!