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Thursday 19 December 2019
by Jackie Emson

Meet the Member - Natalie Kirkby from SIGMA

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Name of Business – SIGMA     

• Who are you - Leading UK Provider of Energy, Water & Waste solutions for businesses of all sizes  

• What sets you apart from the competition?   Sigma can offer 4 services on one bill and one direct debit for all services.    

• How did the business come about?  Sigma have brought together people with experience from waste and the energy industry to create a product that can offer one solution for businesses main services.    

• What are your main target markets?  We can assist any business from the smallest to the largest.    

• How long has your business been in existence?  We have started offering this combined solution this year.   

• What job or achievement makes you most proud?  Working successfully in partnership with one some of the busiest McDonalds restaurants in the UK.   

• Where do you see the business being in five years?  Sigma aspire to grow into one of the main nationals’ brokers providing our solution and helping as many businesses as possible.       

• Why Warrington?  I see our roots in Warrington! I live in Warrington and have developed business relationships and friendships within the area. Although Sigma work with business nationally I believe it’s very important to work with as many local businesses as possible.   

• Tell us one interesting thing about you that people might not know? (ie, hobbies, amusing fact, etc)     I am sure everybody knows I love Gin ha-ha and a big Warrington wolves’ fan      

• Fantasy dinner party – which six people alive or dead would you invite?  Barak Obama/ /Russell Brand/ Jurgen Klopp/ Anthony Joshua/ Michael Parkinson / David Attenborough