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Thursday 19 September 2019
by Angela Hankey

Meet the Member - Roz Healey & Sophy Bostock of Beech Web Services

Roz Healey

Name of Business?  Beech Web Services

Who are you?  We are a friendly and responsive team specialising in the design and development of WordPress websites

What sets you apart from the competition?  We build professional websites that are value for money and wil grow with your business. We provide after-care support that is second to none, to keep your website both up to date and secure.

How did the business come about?  Beech Web Services was established in 2012 from Roz's spare room! In 2015 Roz and Sophy began working together as part of Aspire Computers to see if we could build a successful web division. Sophy's apprenticeship proved incredibly successful and in September 2019 the web division was ready to stand alone. As a result, Sophy moved to Beech Web Services with Roz to focus solely on the promotion of their combined digital marketing skills..

What are your main target markets?  We like to work with small-medium sized businesses in the Warrington area - specifically companies on their 1st or 2nd website who have yet to experience the real benefits of professional digital marketing.

How long has your business been in existence?  Beech Web Services was established in 2012 from Roz's spare room!

How many staff do you employ?  We have 2 staff members at the moment plus a virtual team of trusted partners

What job or achievement makes you most proud?  We are very happy to have helped a long term client's business grow to the extent that they moved office to cater for all the new staff they took on to deal with all the enquiries we generated.

Where do you see the business being in five years?  In five years we'd like to have at least tripled in size and be having more conversations at a strategic level with our clients. We'd like growth to be achieved by taking on and developing apprentices and making new partnerships.

Why Warrington?  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a growing business community like Warrington? We're very happy to look forward to growing our business within such a dynamic and positive environment.

Tell us one interesting thing about the business that might surprise us? The name Beech Web Services was set by Roz who was given only an hour to decide! As she tried to think up a name she was looking out at the beautiful beech tree in her garden.

Tell us one interesting thing about you that people might not know? (ie, hobbies, amusing fact, etc) As well as being work colleagues, Sophy and Roz are both members of Delamere Field Archers and regularly shoot arrows at dinosaurs, bears and aliens (models!).

Brexit – good, bad, opportunity?  It's a horrifying nightmare of dystopian proportions

Fantasy dinner party – which six people alive or dead would you invite? In the spirit of democracy we have each chosen 3 people: Roz - Brian Cox, Charles Dickens, Ruth Bader Ginsburg;  Sophy - Daniel Ricciardo (F1 Driver), Robin Williams (Actor), Jane Seymour (Artist/Actress)