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Monday 01 October 2018
by Jackie Emson

Meet the Member - Stuart Cole from Nviron Limited

Name of Business Nviron Limited

Who are you? We are a services business, who provide a range of IT Infrastructure services and solutions. We have a simple purpose…and that is to be championed by our customers as the most dependable provider of IT infrastructure services and solutions, through clear communication, technical excellence and first class customer service. 01928 809000

What sets you apart from the competition? Our people. Easy to say…but we do have a tremendous team…all of whom are excellent communicators and able to speak with both technical and non-technical people. This is especially important when we are playing the role of translator between very technical vendors / suppliers and Finance Directors / Managing Directors who have responsibility for IT in their business.

How did the business come about? Nviron has been about since late 1988! We were originally called Manor Park Systems and focused on mainframe computers. Following an office move in 2002 the company changed its name to Nviron. Over the years, as mainframes have slowly neared extinction, Nviron has shifted its focus to IT infrastructure services and solutions.

What are your main target markets? We work with a large range of customers, from many sectors including SME’s, NHS, Fire & Rescue, Education, Housing Associations…the list goes on. However our core target market is organisations between 50 and 500 Users located in the North West of England and North Wales.

How long has your business been in existence? Since late 1988…so about 30 years.

• How many staff do you employ? About 40.

• What job or achievement makes you most proud? Whenever we receive a customer testimonial! I always feel proud when a customer goes out of their way to send positive feedback about a service or individual that has helped them and / or gone above and beyond to assist. I feel very fortunate that I actually see these quite regularly.

• Where do you see the business being in five years? I think we will see a continued shift from being a traditional ‘Value Added Reseller’ (VAR) to a Services business.

• Why Warrington? Even though we are based in Preston Brook, we very much identify as being part of the Warrington business community. Warrington is a growing town…with fantastic links to the wider North West region by road…and country by rail. As such it allows us to attract talent from a sizeable geographic area…and serve our customers well throughout the region.

Tell us one interesting thing about the business that might surprise us? Despite the fact we have been going 30 years, we still have employee number 8 with us.

Tell us one interesting thing about you that people might not know? (ie, hobbies, amusing fact, etc) Despite working for technology companies since leaving University, I am in no way technical and quickly glaze over when conversations turn techy!

Brexit – good, bad, opportunity? Opportunity. It’s happening so whether it’s a good or bad thing we have to embrace it and turn it into an opportunity.

Fantasy dinner party – which six people alive or dead would you invite? The first 6 people I saw on the street and said yes to coming to a dinner party. For me this would be a far more interesting evening than going for the standard and mundane characters who often get named in such questions! I don’t need to name names…I’m sure you get the gist.