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Monday 17 June 2019
by Jackie Emson

Meet the Member - YouCloudIT

• Name of Business?  A Cloud Technology Business - YouCloudIT 

• Who are you? We are a team that helps small & medium businesses upgrade their IT using the latest cloud technology. 

• What sets you apart from the competition?  #TechForNonTechies. We don’t talk tech because we know people find it dull. We speak in plain English, we ask you about your business and then we do all the work for you! 

• How did the business come about? We worked in large corporate business and saw all the big players moving their IT to the cloud and benefiting from reduced IT spend, working from anywhere and saving time. We also saw that SME’s want the same but don’t know where to start so we set up YouCloudIT to help. 

• What are your main target markets? Professional businesses that want to get more work done in the same time, reduce their IT costs and make sure their data is safe.  

• How long has your business been in existence? We set up in Sept 2017 and growing quickly! 

• How many staff do you employ? Our wider team consists of 15 people.  

• What job or achievement makes you most proud? Seeing our customer faces light up when they experience just how much easier life can be with the best tools – in particular having a lot less emails to cope with!  

• Where do you see the business being in five years? Today we are focussed on Warrington and the North West. In five years we will be a thriving national business and first choice for SME’s that want a clear and easy switch to the best technology. 

• Why Warrington? Our senior team all live in and around Warrington and we wanted to give something back to local businesses. 

• Tell us one interesting thing about the business that might surprise us? In the mid 1990’s, Dean (our CTO) was part of the team that built the first B2B Internet Service Provider in the UK  

• Tell us one interesting thing about you that people might not know? (ie, hobbies, amusing fact, etc) I love running and regularly race long distance ultra-marathons – the rest of the team just think there’s something wrong with me. 

• Brexit – good, bad, opportunity? Opportunity! I believe in a positive outlook and change brings opportunity.  

• Fantasy dinner party – which six people alive or dead would you invite? Jenson Button, Catherine Tate, Kilian Jornet, Barrack Obama, Valentino Rossi & Brian Cox