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Wednesday 26 February 2020
by Angela Hankey

One Energy Objectives for 2020

One Energy are a leading UK provider of energy for businesses of all sizes. We can also offer a full utilities package that includes Energy, Water and Waste.

We are different from other energy providers as we have lots of flexibility and tools which enable us to treat businesses on an individual basis and tailor our services specifically to their needs.

After a successful year being the Main Kit Sponsor of Warrington Wolves and their Challenge Cup win last year, we have decided to move in a different direction in 2020.

Being involved with the Wolves lead us to meet the Warrington Wolves Foundation who spoke to us about the amazing work that they do throughout the Warrington community.

Being a local business based in Warrington and the majority of our employees being Warringtonians we definitely believe that being more involved within the community was exactly where we wanted to place ourselves in 2020. We are so privileged to be in this position.

Even though we are only a month into our work with the foundation, we have already achieved a great deal by putting back and helping the Warrington community.

  • We have sponsored the Elf Run that St Rocco’s organise. This is a primary school incentive where primary school children are sponsored to do a short run to raise money for St Rocco’s. The One Energy sponsorship provided the elf hats that the children wear.
  • We have given a £5000.00 donation to Oakwood Primary School for vulnerable families. This will help the school take some of the poorer children on a trip to Gulliver’s World and provide Christmas presents to those who may not get anything this year. We have also worked with one of our affiliates Breezeboard Pro and donated several Breezeboards as well to give as presents.
  • We have signed to be the 2020 sponsor of the Warrington Wolves Foundation. Therefore, providing essential funding to ensure the amazing work of the foundation continues within the community.
  • We have arranged to pay through Home Start and the Foundation winter heating bills for some vulnerable families in Warrington, therefore ensuring they do not have to choose between heat or eat over the Christmas period.
  • We have sponsored the teacher of the year award at the Warrington Inspiration Awards.
  • We have sponsored the school of the year at the Warrington Wolves Man of Steel Awards.
  • We will help to fundraise for the Warrington Charities Trust by auctioning off our corporate hospitality box for a Warrington game.
  • We have donated 6 tickets to the director’s box at Warrington Football Club for a charity night to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis, Pancreatic Cancer and St Rocco’s Hospice.
  • We have the One Energy Legends Lounge at the Halliwell Jones to help nurture relationships with other businesses and friendships throughout the Warrington Community as we believe that it is very important to be able to work with as many local businesses as possible.

We are hoping that through our community work, businesses will see One Energy not just as another energy provider but a trustworthy proactive company that cares about the wider community within the town, which is important in todays climate.