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About this event

This is a common question asked when people are trying to create some sort of plan that will help their personal and professional development, and just regain a bit of control over life!

We set ourselves some big hairy audacious goals but sometimes don’t stop to ask:

Are these ACTUALLY going to make a difference, or even THE difference I need?

And how on earth do I make them happen?

In a series of ‘Breakfast @ The Outset’ educational/networking events which we had moved online during the pandemic, we are now doing a hybrid version.

Attendance at the event is entirely free and open for any business to attend. The session will start at 8.00 with croissants and coffee. to attend in person to attend online

The Outset plans to create a series of events. We are starting with our breakfast events and will then be rolling out our program of Learning @ the Outset events and also our wellbeing programme Calmer @ The Outset which will include yoga and mindfulness sessions.