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The Business Exchange hosts lots of different events ranging from networking, masterclasses, social events, sector events including women in business and an annual conference.

Currently there is a weekly Zoom call helping to support members during the pandemic. Face to face meetings will resume as soon as it is safe and allowed 

UBC Networking is an event on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.
This month the guest speaker is Russell Treasure from Fretus
Warrington & Vale Royal College are inviting companies to come along and see their talented students in action. This will be for apprenticeships, work placements and guest speakers. If you would like to attend, please contact the college to arrange time slots for specific curriculum areas.
In a series of ‘Breakfast @ The Outset’ educational/networking events which we had moved online during the pandemic, we are now doing a hybrid version.

Attendance at the event is entirely free and open for any business to attend. The session will start at 8.00(bring along croissants and coffee).

The Outset plans to create a series of events. We are starting with our breakfast events and will then be rolling out our program of Learning @ the Outset events and also our wellbeing programme Calmer @ The Outset which will include yoga and mindfulness sessions.
A small batch craft distillers for the last 5 years establishing the 3 Pugs Gin brand
This is a face-to-face SUBS Warrington Networking & Learning Event. More details to follow about this month’s topic and speaker.
Learn more about TikTok with Megan Vincetta from Alcimi
The format for the network meeting is:

Welcome (what our networking club is all about)
Introductions (about 1 minute intro each of who you are and what your business is)
Spotlight (up to 15 minutes talk from a selected attendee)
Ideal referral (let the group know what or who would be your ideal referral)
Lunch (sandwiches/cake/refreshments)
Board you can afford (throw a question or a problem to the group)
Schmooze, 1 to 1 (chat with other business owners)
Open networking