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Andy Lowe will be telling and teaching us how! He is the Managing Director of Sandler Training UK, who work with the likes of LinkedIn, HubSpot, and some of the world’s leading organisations to answer questions like this and help optimise sales performance. People tell us it can feel daunting to engage with strangers and it’s tricky to know the correct balance between being too passive (and hoping people contact you) and too pushy (which may push people away). This webinar will allow you to raise the challenges you face in turning social media contacts into real-world conversations. We will explore some of the common mistakes to avoid and share tips on how you can develop more authentic conversations that improve both the quality and quantity of your sales. It’s free to all our Full Fleece members, but non-members are very welcome too, you can join the webinar for just £25. 

How to convert social media leads into sales | LinkedIn